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Data science and machine learning certification

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Scale up your career with Talent Arabia’s uniquely crafted data science and machine learning course, designed and delivered by best trainers.

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Boost up your career

Get trained by best trainers in the industry. Prepare for your dream job under the guidance of experts.

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We will help you build your resume and LinkedIn profile. Our experts will conduct one to one mock interviews.

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Curriculum designed by industry experts. 600+ hours of live training by industry experts, 25+ tests, assessments and projects

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Course overview

This data science and machine learning certification course will help you scale up your career. This course covers important topics like statistics, data analysis, data visualization, machine learning, deep learning, SQL, R, Python, and much more.

Key features

  • Boost up your career in data science with the curriculum designed by industry experts

  • More than five mock interviews to boost your confidence

  • Help in building your resume and LinkedIn profile

  • Hands-on-on practice using several projects and industry standard assessments

  • Interview tips and webinars on job search strategy

Module 1

Statistics Essentials For Data Science

This module will help you to learn statistics. This module is a a foundational part of data science and essential terms related to it. In this module you will learn measures of central tendency and dispersion, and comprehend skewness, correlation, regression, and distribution. You will be able to make data-driven predictions through statistical inference.

Module 2

Business Analytics With Excel

Boost your Data analytics career with powerful new Microsoft® Excel skills by taking this Data Analytics course, which includes training on Business Analytics. This combined with an official certificate will put you on the path to a successful career.

Module 3

SQL Training

Master SQL and improve your career prospects with Simplilearn’s SQL Database Training Course. Functional knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Language), the leading programming language for relational database management systems, is in high demand and can set you apart in the job market.

Module 4

Applied Data Science With Python

This Data Science with Python course gives you a complete overview of Python’s data analytics tools and techniques. Learning python is a crucial skill for many data science roles, and you can develop it with this Python data science course. With a blended learning approach, you can learn Python for data science along with concepts like data wrangling, mathematical computing, and more. Unlock your career as a data scientist with Talent Arabia’s Data Science with Python training.

Module 5

Machine Learning Course

Ensure career success with this Machine Learning course. Learn this exciting branch of Artificial Intelligence with a program featuring 40+ hrs of Applied Learning, interactive labs, 4 hands-on projects, and mentoring. With our Machine Learning training, master Machine Learning concepts are required for a Machine learning certification. This Machine Learning online course will provide you with the skills needed to become a successful Machine Learning Engineer today.

Module 6

Tableau Certification Training

This Tableau certification course helps you master Tableau Desktop, a world-wide utilized data visualization, reporting, and business intelligence tool. Advance your career in analytics through our Tableau training and gain job-ready skills. Tableau certification is highly regarded by companies for data-related jobs and our Tableau online course trains you to use the tool effectively for preparing data, creating interactive dashboards, adding different dimensions, and drilling into outliers.

Tools covered

Course curriculum

Module 1: Statistics Essentials For Data Science

Statistics is the science of assigning a probability to an event based on experiments. It is the application of quantitative principles to the collection, analysis, and presentation of numerical data. Ace the fundamentals of Data Science, statistics, and Machine Learning with this course. It will enable you to define statistics and essential terms related to it, explain measures of central tendency and dispersion, and comprehend skewness, correlation, regression, and distribution. You will be able to make data driven predictions through statistical inference.


  • Lesson 1-Introduction to Statistics
  • Lesson 2-Understanding the Data
  • Lesson 3-Descriptive Statistics
  • Lesson 4-Data Visualization
  • Lesson 5-Probability
  • Lesson 6-Probability Distributions
  • Lesson 7-Sampling and Sampling Techniques
  • Lesson 8 -Inferential Statistics
  • Lesson 9-Application of Inferential Statistics
  • Lesson 10-Relation between Variables
  • Lesson 11-Application of Statistics in Business


Module 2: Business Analytics with Excel

Business Analytics with Excel training will boost your analytics career with powerfulnew Microsoft Excel skills.This business analytics training course will equip you withthe concepts and hard skills required for a strong analytics career. You’ll learn the basic concepts of data analysis and statistics to promote data-driven decision-making. Your new knowledge of this commonly used tool combined with an official business analytics certification is guaranteed to ensure career success.


  • Lesson 1- Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Lesson 2- Formatting, Conditional Formatting, and Important Functions
  • Lesson 3- Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables
  • Lesson 4- Dashboarding
  • Lesson 5- Business Analytics with Excel
  • Lesson 6- Data Analysis Using Statistics


Module 3: SQL

SQL, or Structured Query Language, is a domain-specific language used in programming and designed for managing data held in a relational database management system (RDBMS), or for stream processing in a relational data stream management system (RDSMS). SQL is the most common language used to access databases because it can work with any database. The databases with which you interface are programs that enable clients to store and manage information in a logical manner.


  • Lesson-01- Introduction
  • Lesson-02- Introduction to SQL
  • Lesson-03- Database Normalization and Entity Relationship (ER) Model
  • Lesson-04- Installation and SetUp
  • Lesson-05- Working with Databases and Tables
  • Lesson-06- Working with Operators, Constraints, and Data Types
  • Lesson-07- Functions in SQL
  • Lesson-08- Subqueries, Operators, and Derived Tables in SQL
  • Lesson-09- Windows Functions in SQL
  • Lesson-10- Working with Views
  • Lesson-11- Stored Procedures and Triggers in SQL
  • Lesson-12- Performance Optimization and Best Practices in SQL



Module 4: Data Science with Python

This Data Science with Python course will establish your expertise of data science and analytics techniques using Python. With this Python for Data Science course, you’ll learn the essential concepts of Python programming and gain in-depth knowledge in data analytics, machine learning, data visualization, web scraping, and natural language processing. Python is a required skill for many data science positions, so jump start your career with this interactive, hands-on course.


  • Lesson 01 - Data Science Overview
  • Lesson 02- Data Analytics Overview
  • Lesson 03- Statistical Analysis and Business Applications
  • Lesson 04- Python Environment Setup and Essentials
  • Lesson 05- Mathematical Computing with Python (NumPy)
  • Lesson 06 - Scientific Computing with Python (SciPy)
  • Lesson 07 - Data Manipulation with Pandas
  • Lesson 08 - Machine Learning with Scikit-learn
  • Lesson 09 - Natural Language Processing with Scikit-learn
  • Lesson 10 - Data Visualization in Python using Matplotlib.
  • Lesson 11 - Web Scraping with Beautiful Soup
  • Lesson 12 - Python Integration with Hadoop, MapReduce, and Spark



Module 5: Machine Learning

Talent Arabia’s Machine Learning course will make you an expert in Machine Learning, a form of Artificial Intelligence that automates data analysis to enable computers to learn and adapt through experience to do specific tasks without explicit programming. You will master Machine Learning concepts and techniques, including supervised and unsupervised learning, mathematical and heuristic aspects, and hands-on modeling to develop algorithms and prepare you for your role as a Machine Learning professional.

  • Lesson 01 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Lesson 02: Data Wrangling and Manipulation
  • Lesson 03: Supervised Learning
  • Lesson 04: Feature Engineering
  • Lesson 05: Supervised Learning-Classification
  • Lesson 06: Unsupervised Learning
  • Lesson 07: Time Series Modelling
  • Lesson 08: Ensemble Learning
  • Lesson 09: Recommendation Systems
  • Lesson 10: Text Mining

Module 6: Tableau

This Tableau course helps you understand how to build visualizations, organize data, and design charts and dashboards to make more meaningful business decisions. You’ll be exposed to the concepts of data visualization, different combo charts and stories, working with filters, parameters and sets, and building interactive dashboards.


  • Lesson 01 - Getting Started with Tableau
  • Lesson 02 - Core Tableau in Topics
  • Lesson 03 - Creating Charts in Tableau
  • Lesson 04 - Working with Metadata 17
  • Lesson 05 - Filters in Tableau
  • Lesson 06 - Applying Analytics to the Worksheet
  • Lesson 07 - Dashboards in Tableau
  • Lesson 08 - Modifications to Data Connections
  • Lesson 09 - Introduction to Level of Details in Tableau (LODS)



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Data science and machine learning certification FAQs

What kind of job can I get after the Data science and machine learning certification?

This Data Science course in will equip you with many competencies and skills so that you can contribute to a wide array of responsibilities in a job within the data science field. Also, Data Science is an evolving field and new job roles and designations keep on opening up. After taking this program, you can become eligible for a wide range of job roles such as Data Analyst, Data Science Generalist, Data Scientist, ML Analyst, ML Engineer, ML Scientist, AI Analyst, AI Engineer, AI/ML Developer, Business Intelligence Analyst, Associate Data Scientist, Data Architect, Business Intelligence Developer, Deep Learning Engineer, Decision Scientist, Data Visualization Specialist, and many others.

Do I get a certificate at the end?

The learners will be provided with individual certificates for respective courses post completion and the learners will also be provided with a masters certificate adhering to the completion criteria.

Who can apply for this certification?

Anyone who holds an engineering or statistics degree or any of the MCA/ M.Sc (IT)/ MBA/ BCA/ B.Sc (IT) degrees from an accredited institution.

What if I have a question that's not answered here?

Contact us using the form on the right side of any page on the Talent Arabia website, select the Live Chat link, or contact Help & Support. 

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